Monday, January 13, 2014

ai yi babushka babushka babushka ya ya

In other news, I am babushka-ing up a storm, with these little critters for my market stall.


That's right, people.
I make no secret of the fact that I love Boney M. It began with the discovery of a copy of 'Oceans Of Fantasy' in my dad's vinyl collection. The album came complete with a poster of the band dressed in sequins and coral, posing as Neptune and his underwater ladies (this poster may, infact, have had much to do with the initial appeal of the album for me - I mean, sequins. And they were underwater royalty! Case closed.) It later transpired that my dad did NOT actually like Boney M, but had been bought the album by my mum in their early days of dating... as you can imagine, he was thus overjoyed that my sisters and I played 'Oceans of Fantasy' to death.

People may pooh-pooh Boney M for their frivolous beats, but once the music begins, their tapping feet tell another story.

I found this little gem of footage in the hallowed halls of the internet. It's a little long, and who knows what crazy gags the Italian compere is telling at the start. (If anyone sees this and speaks Italian, please - let me know). However, it's got sequins and outfits and a cape spelling out the band name. There's what may well be the first recorded instance of a fake news broadcast within a disco tune. There's the hyper dancing of Bobby Farrell. All contained in an outrageously-biased and bigoted version of Rasputin's life.

Ah, Boney M.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

a sneaky return

Although I am an avid reader of the blogs of many people, my own page has been languishing (and when I say 'languishing', I mean 'completely neglected') before it even really started. It has been in the back of my mind to return for so long - if only to feel a part of this worldwide conversation, rather than a spectator.
...This internet skulking feels a little unclean sometimes...
So here I am, still skulking on the internet, but skulking quietly in through the backdoor instead, to join in.


It has been a rather large few years, and it's hard to know where to begin to recap... so I won't. Instead, here's a few images.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on my mind

tramp-steamer adventures
tom waits
china in the snow
the ever-present presence of ibises on our street corner
growing kang kong
crows, crow women
robin hobb
the fleas
compromise vs balance
... and chocolate; I think I need chocolate.

In other news,
 this is the lovely Lady Luck... who is residing in my loungeroom until I decide whether I want to let her go...
 ..and I've been relishing the process of lino-printing fabric lately...

...and lastly, a chicken for nat!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


'The idea hovered and shimmered delicately, like a soap bubble, and she dared not even look at it directly in case it burst. But she was familiar with the way of ideas, and she let it shimmer, looking away, thinking about something else.'
Northern Lights, Philip Pullman

P.S. In other news, we have chickens!   Welcome to Cinderella, Fancy Nancy, Mrs Feather and Licorice; friendly, clucky little creatures that they are...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

adventures in blogland...

It feels strange to be setting out on a new venture, into the world of cyberspace, whilst sitting on my back verandah in my around-the-house clothes, with the quiet sounds of dry season unfolding around me... but, in lieu of actually being able to sling a backpack on at this moment and squint towards the horizon, it's pretty good. At least, there's plenty of coffee brewing here.
So, here's some photos of bits and pieces I've been making lately....
More thoughts down the track....