Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on my mind

tramp-steamer adventures
tom waits
china in the snow
the ever-present presence of ibises on our street corner
growing kang kong
crows, crow women
robin hobb
the fleas
compromise vs balance
... and chocolate; I think I need chocolate.

In other news,
 this is the lovely Lady Luck... who is residing in my loungeroom until I decide whether I want to let her go...
 ..and I've been relishing the process of lino-printing fabric lately...

...and lastly, a chicken for nat!

1 comment:

  1. *chicken perv spasm* Yay, for ME?!? Awesome. Thank you. She looks paranoid. You haven't told her about me, have you? *sweaty palms*

    Woman, I can't believe Lady Luck, too beautiful to be real. I am going to plan and organize an art heist in your neighborhood real soon. I love her. Really. It hurts.